Triple Ace 7




This jazz ensemble with Oliver Kent on piano, Uli Langthaler on bass and Dusan Novakov on drums is fresh and exciting. The individual ability of each of these musicians, and their strong energy as they play and create together, make triple ace colours in jazz an outstanding trio.

triple ace colours in jazz have played at jazz festivals throughout Europe as well as at International Jazz Festivals in the USA, Cuba, Israel, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Mongolia, Mexico, Tunesia, Ukraine and South-Africa.

In their hometown Vienna they regularly perform on stage at famous jazz clubs including Porgy & Bess and Jazzland. They attract large audiences and have a continuing influence on contemporary jazz musicians.


Oliver Kent (1969 – Innsbruck, Austria) is a well-known member of the Austrian/European jazz gallery and has won several prestigious rewards:
New German Jazz Award 2007 – First Prize
Hans Koller Preis 2004 – „Best CD of the  Year“
Hans Koller Preis 2002 – „Sideman of the Year“

He has played together with musicians/bands such as Sheila Jordan, Leo Wright, David Friedman, Hannibal Marvin Peterson, Mark Murphy, Howard Johnson, Lou Tabakin, Clark Terry, Allan Praskin, Delfayo Marsalis, Concert Jazz Orchestra Vienna, Jazz Big Band Graz, Gansch and Roses, Nguyen Le, Ron McClure, Bobby Shew, Pete Yellin, Ingrid Jenson, Alvin Queen, Vincent Herring, Bobby Watson, Jim Pepper, The New York Voices, Take Six, Ed Neumeister, Warren Vache, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Don Menza, Patti Austin, John Hollenbeck, Theo Blackman, Kurt Elling, John Hendricks, Bennie Mauphin, Grant Steward, Dusko Goykowich, Benny Baily, Dzihan & Kamien, Marianne Mendt, Mario Gonzi, Herwig Gradischnig, Roman Schwaller, Jimmy Cobb, Johnny Griffin,Paulo Cardoso, Johannes Enders, Andy Scherrer, Franko Ambrosetti, Benny Golson, and Ferdinand Powell.

Since 2002 Professor for jazz piano at The Conservatory/Private Music University of Vienna 2007/08 Visiting Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Graz.


Uli Langthaler (1959 – Linz, Austria) has played with the Richard Österreicher Bigband, Vienna Bigband Machine, Concert Jazz Orchestra Vienna, HR Bigband, Sunday Night Orchestra Nürnberg, Karl Ratzer , Roland Neuwirth, Leo Wright, Ronny Bourage, Billy Harper, Lev Tabakin, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, Harri Stojka, Ack van Royen, Phillip Catherine, Wayne Brasel, Österreichischer Komponistenbund, Timmna Brauer, Christian, Rens Niewland, Heinz von Hermann Trio, Jazzahead , Wolfgang Muthspiel, Robert Bachner.

Since 1990, Langthaler has taught jazz bass, ensemble and improvisation at the Conservatory/Private Music University of Vienna and at the Music Conservatory of Carinthia.


Dusan Novakov (1970 – Pancevo, Serbia) has played with Mark Murphy, Oliver Lake, George Cables, John Marshall, Dick Oatts, Don Menza, Kirk Lightsey, Michelle Hendricks, Toninio Horta, Dusko Gojkovic, Valery Ponomarev, Andi Bey, Bread Lealy, Karl Ratzer, Timna Brauer und Elias Meiri Ensemble, Fernando Correa, Fritz Pauer, Big Band Graz, Frank Lacy, Gregory Porter, Paul Zauner, and Andy Middleton.

Since 2005, Novakov has taught jazz drumming and improvisation at the Vienna Music Institute.








  • "FACES" - Alessa Records, Austria, 2016
  • "TRIPLE ACE TRIO" - The Montreux Jazz Label, Switzerland, 2012


  • Oliver KENT - Piano
  • Uli LANGTHALER - Double Bass
  • Dusan NOVAKOV - Drums